Admission Information for New Students

All new students (grades 2-8) is required to complete an entrance exam.


  1. Fill out Application (Click to Download)
  2. Copy Birth Certificate
  3. Completed School Health Record or Form 3300 and Form 3231 
  4. Copy of Immunization Record 
  5. Physical Examination (new students, 4th Grade & 7th Grade)
  6. Most Recent Report Card (a copy will be accepted) 
  7. Registration Fee 
  8. First Month's Tuition


  1. Authorization to Release Student Information 
  2. Financial Agreement 
  3. Parental Consent for Medical Treatment & Release of Information
  4. Parental Consent for Pictures/Videos
  5. PE Uniform Order
  6. Uniform Ordering
  7. Teacher’s Registration Form
  8. Field Trip Permission
  9. Student Health History & Emergency Medical Treatment Consent Form

The items above are needed to complete the registration process.